I have seven wonderful children and a fantabulous husband ever!  I work full-time at the same place for 22 years but my most fulfilling job is being a mother. 

As a child I watched my mother craft from macrame, lots of silk flowers on fans(lol) don't forget the brooms and ceramics. So I follow in her footsteps and begin a new adventure, taking my sister in law Amy on this ride...  It didn't take much for my sister in law to convince me we should try and give this a go.  Obviously she saw how much I love crafting and kept reminding me "we could do this!"  So thank you to the best sister in law ever!

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I have 2 great children and I am married to an incredible husband!
I have a full time job working working with young children, they are the best!

It was easy to convince my sister in law to go along on this journey, I know that we will go far...

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